Yorkie The Descendant Of The Paisley And Skye Terriers

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The descendant of the paisley terriers and skye terriers was bred to be a mouse hunter in northern England, where they were often used in clothing, mills and mines. It may have a big bark, but there’s not a lot of me to back it up.

Meanwhile, the Yorkie is quite content as an indoor dog and can be excellent watch puppies due to their suspicious attitude towards strangers.

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A Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful dog, with long beautiful silky smooth hair

This breed was originally bred in England. Yorkies can be very calm, and trusting dogs, but can still be quite playful and energetic at times.

If you are looking for a family pet that will make a wonderful addition to any household, then the Yorkshire Terrier is the right dog for you. However, this breed does require some special attention, or it could become a big bother for both you and your new dog!

The Yorkshire Terrier is a medium-sized dog

The Yorkshire terrier is a medium-sized dog, that stands between nine and fifteen inches tall at the shoulder. They have dark-coloured coats that are naturally white to some extent.

They have two different eyelashes, each of which is fully functioning and comes in a variety of colours. Plus a Yorkie pup will be lively and outgoing and will have a lovable and devoted side to him or her.

However, although they have a loving and loyal personality, Yorkies do need a little more care than other dogs.

Yorkie dogs need a daily dose of exercise, and this breed tends to be “high-energy” and requires a lot of physical activity to keep them healthy. Yorkies also respond well to obedience training and do well in homes that do not spend a great deal of time with the dog breed.


If you live in an apartment or a house without a yard for your Yorkie dog, then you will want to invest in a doggie treadmill. Consider other ways to both keep your Yorkie physically active and mentally stimulated.

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